RPG Maker XP Student Created Help Pages

This wiki is brought to you by 7th and 8th grade students at Pacific Middle School in Vancouver, Washington. It was begun in earnest February 2009. Tune in to see how a wiki can support your classroom environment, and of course to learn how to use RPG Maker XP! This is a work in progress and under constant renewal. If you have any suggestions, please email Patrick Kutkey

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RPG Documentation
Battle Customization
Special Effects
Adding Members to your Party
Battle Background
Treasure chest
Add your own Pictures
Customize Monsters
Thunder and lightning effects

Beginning & end screen
Using the database
Weather effects

Customize Character
Battle Animations

Customize Class

making an item

Variable depending Event

Civilian encounters
Healing Event
Transfer Events
Shop event
Music and sound
Healing Event with Innkeeper
Transfer events
Civilian Conversation
Creating Maps
Healing Event - No Innkeeper.
Good looking Transfers

Transfer Events that changes the Map Items

Computer Programs Documentation

No Limits
Game Maker
Computer Settings
Google Sketch Up
Photo Editing
Creating a Simple Track
Make a Sprite Face the Direction It Is Moving
Creating a Basic Website
Change Screen Resolution
Making Animals Talk
Layering Pictures on Photoshop
Add Background
Creating a Twisting Track

Customizing Font Size on a Custom HTML Blog

Downloading Components
Editing Photos on Picnik
Creating Characters

How to Creat a Gmail Account

Creating a Half Pipe

Create a Small Animated Movie

How to Create a Video on DoInk.com

How to Make a Sprite Move