Weather Effects On!

Go to the event layer on the map you would like the weather effects to start Click on any tile and you will go to the edit event page Click on the @> sign (1) and then tab over to the second tab (2) Click on set weather events (3) Choose the type of weather that you would like to have and then click that bubble ( you can change the power of the storm) (4) Now you get to choose how many frames you want the storm to go for in the time/frames box (15 frames = 1 second) Set the trigger to parallel process (5) Now you need to make a new tab. To do this you are going to go to the top of the page and click new event page, this will make a new tab. (6) In the new tab, you need to go to the conditions box and check the last box, the self switch button. (7) You will officially have the weather of your choice start on this map all that’s left to do is click ok!

Weather Effects Off!=== ===

First you need to go to the map where you want the weather effects to turn off Once you have this map, go to the even layer and click on any tile. This will take you to the new event page When you get to the new event page, you need to click on the @> sign (1) and then tab over to the second tab (2) At the top after you get to the second tab you need to click on set weather effects (3) Set your weather effects to none and press ok (4) Now you can do this next part one of two ways depending on your game. To turn the weather off when you get to a certain point in your map, you are going to set the

=trigger to player touch and then the weather will turn off when the player passes that certain point(5) =
=== To turn the weather effects off when you enter into the new map you set the trigger to parallel process. (6) Now press ok and you have weather effects that turn on, on one map or point and off on another!===


Contributing Students: Bailey G. Vitaliy K.