Create a variable depending event

A variable depending event is an event that will start when a variable has been satisfied. In this example your character wants a kitten, but can't get it until he has caught 5 mice for the Cat Lady's cat. You can change the events and variables to whatever you want. Other things you could do with this are; collecting flowers, killing enemies or finding things, the possibilities are endless!

The variable event:

  1. Create the mice event and then add a text message to alert you of your progress.
  2. Add a Variable event command and set it to an increase (Please note you must select "Add" as the operation) Set the constant as one
  3. Set a control self switch to remove the event.

The depending event:
  1. Set up the first page of the event, it should mention something about your goal. (In this example the lady tells you to collect her five mice)
  2. Create a second page with a starting condition of the variable. (Mine is set to five mice) This will cause the event to become so only once you have collected five mice.
  3. Add a text event to alert you of your completed goal.
  4. Set a variable switch to remove those variables. (otherwise you can repeat this infinitely)

~Created by General Nikolai~