How to make your enemies:

Step 1: Want to make that evil warrior? Or that wise mage? Well, to make your enemies open up the database and go to the enemies tab. Next to make the look of your enemies in a battle click on the battle graphic and select the one you would want it to look like. And to the left of the battle graphic you can change your enemies skills and on the bottom there is spells.
Step 2: Next go to the troops tab. Then go to the table right of the picture and click on something you don't want then change the name you want it to be and clear the picture. Then look for the character you made and click on it and it will appear. Don't forget to find both versions of you character/enemy, such as a battle version and game version. You can also add them to a custom troop. Find a page about custom troops and you can learn more. You can also make your characters run from a battle and other things.
By: Hunter.G, Chris. B., Ben C.,