How to make a Shop Event.

First make a new map. Then go into the event layer and make an event. Next click on @ and go to the third tab and click on shop processing. Also don’t forget to pick a graphic.
Next choose what you want to have the guy sell, then click ok.
Here is an example of what a shop event might look like. Here is an in game look at what a shop event would look like.
Purchasing objects

Purchasing objects
Make sure before you do the following steps that you have gold in the first place. Then you can purchase objects by doing this. If you want a character to ask your character if they will give them let’s say 5 gold then you open an event page , select change gold, select decrease, make sure it’s constant and select five then push ok and select event touch. Now you have changed gold.

Getting gold
If you don't have any gold you just have to follow the steps above but instead of selecting decrease select increase.

Giving Gold
If you are giving the gold to someone else in your team (that is in your game) you would go to equip members and then select the character you would like to give it to and then how much and you would also have to decrease gold from another player.

Other objects
For trading other things you just have to choose what kind of thing you want to trade then follow the directions of the previous slides it will just equip or take that object or objects from you. If you have any questions post a message on the chat.

Changing Gold
Changing other objects


Contributing Students: Jonathan R. Franz W.