Moving Cat
This is how to make a sprite move around in sketch.

Step 1: Open up the sketch program

Step 2: Pick a sprite to use, go to, new sprite, then choose new sprite from file,
and choose whatever you want. I personally picked the cat.
Step 3: Now to start making the cat do something. Go all the way to the top left of the program. You should see this.
Click on control tab first, this is what begins the cats steps to walking. This is basically a click and drag program, so click and hold on, "when clicked, with the green flag on it" and place this piece in the scripts space.
Step 4: Now you must start connected other pieces to this "when clicked". Follow these steps in order to create a perfect script for your sprite. Okay now in the control tab, grab the "forever," piece and stick it right under the "when clicked".
After that go to motion tab, and set your y axis by grabbing the "set y to," put this inside your "forever piece".
Try setting the y to -70 by clicking inside the empty write space

Step 5: