Making transfer events feel real, and smooth. By 4dam.

Transfer events can feel tacked onto a game, and can confuse the player. Transfer events need to feel fluid for the game to play correctly.

You're going to want to start in the new event window wherever you want the transfer to take place. In this tutorial I am expecting you already know how to use basic RPG commands and make events.

external image pictureio.png

Then I usualy like to add a wait, and change the colour of the screen. Blacking out the screen works well if you expect you are going someplace dark, like a cave, and a white screen flash would work well for the oposite.

Here I am creating a wait event for the begining of the trasition, you will only want this to be one or two frames, or it will actually seem like you are waiting for something to happen, we just want a SMALL pause.

external image pictureii.png

After the wait, you will want to change the screen color, then add a text event, so that the user can expect where they will come out after the transfer is complete.
external image pictureiii.png

The transfer can take place before or just after the text, but you must make sure that both the trasfer AND the text apear while the screen is still colored.

external image pictureiiiii.png

Don't forget to change the screen tone back to the way it was, or however you want it to be. I would advise having the transfer event change the screen back to normal, and if you want to change the screen tone of your map, do it with a different event so you do not confuse yourself.

This is what I ended up using in a transfer event in which the player climbs down a ladder, into a dark cave.

external image pictureviii.png

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