Pivot front page

This is the first page that is brought up when you open Pivot. I will be showing you three things. The first being how to create your very own Character, secondly I'll teach you how to add a background, and most importantly I will show you how to make your own Movie!

1) The First thing i will show you is how to make your own character. This character will have the abillity to be in any one of your Pivot creations. Using Pivot you can make/create any kind of character using the many tools that allow you to make many varieties of people. The first 2 options are pretty self explanitory, but the toggle segment kind button is to changes your segment (circle or line) and switches it to the other (line or circle). The 4th is self explanatory as well. Now static/ dynamic is where if you make a part or thing static, than in pivot you can't rotate/move the stickfigurebuilder.pngobject. The fifth thing is delet segment. Well, it deletes your segment.
Add A Line----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Add A Circle-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Toggle Segement Kind-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Change Segment Thickness---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Duplicate Segment----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Static/Dynamic Segment-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Delete Segment--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Line: Thickness , Length, Angle , Static/Dynamic_

2) The Second thing I'm going to teach you is how to add a background. This is farely simple, and provides a good setting. You can get a background from one of two sources. The first being from the internet, the second being a picture you create in paint. First you have to grab the picture you wish to use as the background and save it somwhere easily accesable. Second, If not already then go and open pivot. Go to File, click Load Background. Third browse and select your picture. Depending on the size of your Picture you can chose to fit the screen to the Picture size, or leave the screen size at the normal size.

2.5) This step is crucial if you are a first time user of Pivot. If you think you can just start making a movie, than think again. Once you have your Character(s), you need to know how to move them!. The most important part is the orange dot. This seemingly boring thing is probably the one you use the most (besides next frame, but we'll get to that later). This orabge dot on any figure is your moving point, how you move your character about! Now, there are also red dots for which you control the other parts of your character(s). These red dots are the cneter point for whih your character moves. Go ahead and mess around with this and the previouse steps before moving on. You will benefit an your movies will not be so... bland, to put it nicely.

3) The Third and final thing I am going to show you is how to make a movie! After you have done the first 2 steps on this wiki page (optional) you can begin to make your Animation. So after you have your first scene ready to make it into a film (whether there is a background or custom charaters or not) You simply click Next Frame. That's it! you have your first frame and are ready to tsrt making the next James Bond Movie! (Or not.)