To make a website using webs, you first have to sign up to the site. (
And doing that is simply easy, a 1-2-3 step.
First create your account, then set up the site, and then select a template or a background for it, which may also change its body, depending on the template you choose.
This is what the page should look like~


Then you can start editing the site it gives you, blank and everything. You can add context boxes, images, videos, and many other things!
This is the page I have made as an example, and it shows how to do multiple things that will make your website better.
The site is powered by webs, so there will always be at the end of its URL.

For the students, so that I know that you understand, there is an assignment on the bottom of the page asking you to create a website of your own with at least 1 context box with at least 1 image in it.
And that is basically how you start making a website!
Gabi V~