If you just want a healing event without an Inn, skip steps 1-6 and just start with 7
Example with a inn:

1. Select the Event Layer Tool from the Tool Bar at the top of the screen.

2. Double-Click on an Event Block where you want the Inn Keeper to appear on your Map.

3. Add a Show Text Event to create a greeting from the Inn Keeper.

4. Include a question about staying in the Inn and the cost. 4.

5. Optional- Add a Conditional Branch Event.

6. Use tab 4 and choose gold set to 10 or more. 5.

7.Add a Change Gold Event and set it to Decrease by 10.

8. Under the Conditional Branch Event, add a Memorize BGM/BGS Event.

9. Add a Change Screen Color Tone Event and change the color to add a nighttime effect. As in Graphic 2.

10. Add a Recover All Event to heal the Entire Party.

11. Add a Play BGM Event and choose nighttime mood music.

12. Add a Wait Event and set it to 50 Frames

13. Change the Screen color tone back to normal. 12.

14. Add a Show Text Event with a message that describes your party has been healed.

15. Add a Restore BGM/BGS Event. As in Graphic 3.

16. Run a Test Play to ensure your new Healing Event is functioning correctly and that your party is getting healed ,so you can fight more battles after your healed.
party is getting healed ,so you can fight more battles after your healed.

17. Good job! you have just created a free healing event (that costs money)! good job!
Graphic 1.

Graphic 2.

Graphic 3


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