How to make a sprite face the direction that it is moving.

First you need four sprites face four diffrent direction. Like this.
Now you need to make an object. go to the top and you will see a blue dot clic kthat and it will let you make an object. choose one sprite to make it look like.
Next we need to make the sprite move with the arrow keys. Click the keyboard button. Pick which arrow key you want to start.
Click and drag the red arrows in the box and then a screen will popout and choose the same direction as you arrow key. Add speed.
Go to the main1 tab and the choose change sprite then choose a sprite that is facing the direction that it moves.
Then go to key board and add no key event and put the red arrow box.
Repeat 3 more times for the rest of the directions.

Then when you change dircetions the sprite should change with you.

By Chris K.