Customizing Characters Appearance

1. Open up the database layer and click on the “Actors Tab” (Blue box).
Database Layer
Database Layer

2. On the list of actors on the left hand side click on the actor who you want to change.
Actors List

3. Double click on the actor graphic to select a new one.
Actors Graphic
Actors Graphic

4. To change the level of the actor click on the “Initial Level” button and scroll up or down.
Initial Level

5. To change the stats of the character double click on the Parameters to adjust the hp and sp to fit what you want.

6. To change the starting equipment click on the bars in the bottom right hand corner to select a new weapon.

You first open up the event page. Then you click on the @> sign and open the event commands. You then click on page three, go down to actor graphic and double click on it. Once opened click on character graphic and change your character.
First you must go to the database at the top right corner. Then you must double click on the button that says character graphic.
Once you have done that you can choose the graphic of the character you play as.
Once you have chose the graphic you should see him as the person you play as in the game but first before you test it out you should also change the graphic by double clicking battler graphic.
When your done choosing that it will show your graphic you chose when you are battling and walking around. This is how you customize your character through the database.


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