Civilian Conversations

Civilian Conversations

To make a civilian encounter with interactions is a simple task. All you do is:

1. Get to edit event page by double clicking on event block.
step 1

2. Double click on the graphic box and select the character you desire for your game.
3. In the box named movement type, set the type to random.
4. In the trigger area, set it to player touch by clicking the circle next to the name.
5. Open event commands by double clicking on the @>.

steps 2-5

1.6. Click on tab 1 at the top of the box.
2.7. Click on show text and enter a welcome, from the civilian to your player make sure to add a question.
3.8. Go to show choices, and set two choices, yes and no.
4.9. Under when yes add a new text event, same for under no, and type in the response
Steps 6-9

This is an example of what a conversation looks like when editing.

Now you can have a conversation with a charecter in your game!

Contributing Students: Robin B.