Change the lighting.

For my example you will be entering a cave, as you go deeper in the cave gets darker. You could have it change from night to day after an event or make the lights go out, the possibilities are endless!

The variable event:

  1. Create the event in an easy to remember place (I recommend the upper left corner as you can find it easily).
  2. Set the trigger to parallel process.
  3. Add the "Change Color Tone", the values will all start at zero. The higher you set "Gray" the less color your screen will have; if you set it to 100 you could have a black and white game!
  4. For this example set your value to -85 for all of them and the gray to 17. If you want it darker change the value lower, i.e -100 for the colors and 20 grey.
  5. "Time" will determine how long it takes the transition. This means if you want it to be dark instantly set the frames to zero. If you want it to be gradual like the sun is setting then make it 200 frames or more.

Created by General Nikolai