To make animations, you need the database tab opened. Then you need to select the animations tab.
When you get there, you will see a page like this, but with all the default animations as well. You will need to change the maximum to allow your animation as well.
To create the actual animation you will need to have graphics. You will have a selection to choose from.
To actualy choose a graphic, you need to click it from the bar benethe. When selected, choose where you want to put it, and click anywhere on the black screen. Your graphic should show up then.
Now, you may have noticed that there are multipule frames. You can add and remove frames useing the frame tab, or the manual way by right clicking on the frames tab.
Now that you have frames, you can lengthen your animation. When on diffent frames you can have movement on your animations.
Re_frame_one.png frametwo.pngRe_frametwo.png
For Sounds and such you will want to look at the SE and Flash timing tab. Witin it, you need to choose what frames the sound efects or flashing will happen. The SE tab will take you to a selection of sounds for your animation. Condition will change what happenslike a flash on screen or on opponent with a sound to accompany it if a hit happens, or a sound and flash to say that the attack has missed.
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