Importing Images ----

Ok, so if you want to add your own pictures to your battles this is how.
First, find the image you want & save it into your pictures folder.
Next, open up your game and click on the materials button, just to the right of the database icon.
When open, you will see a list on the farthest left side with all the folders. Click on GRAPHICS/BATTLERS
Now click IMPORT.
Open up your pictures folder & select the picture or image you want. Click open.
When your image opens, you can enlarge it if it is too small. Or if it's at a spot you don't need you can move the scrolls.
When you're done click ok.
Your image should now be at the top of the list with an orange dot. orangedot.png
Now that part is done.
For the next part you have to open the Database. It's the button just left of the Materials.
Don't mess with the Database, unless you know what you're doing.
There will be 13 tabs at the top. Click the one that says ENEMIES.
Change the maximum a little higher in order to install your image. Click the CHANGE MAXIMUM button at the bottom of the list.
When you have an empty space click that first, when it's highlighted
double click the graphic
external image insert_table.gif
Scroll to the top of the list & your picture name should be there with an orange dot. orangedot.png
Change the name to what you want because it will not be there.
Click apply & ok.
Your database will close now. Open it again & click on the TROOPS tab this time.
Your picture will not be on the list, so don't freak out. Here's how you do it:


Your image is actually on the list on the right side of the graphic. Scroll all the way down & you'll see it.
click the image & it will appear.
Fix the name to the one you chose for your previous one.

Click APPLY & OK

Your battle should already have an event, if you don't have any battles yet, make an event right now.
If you already have one, or you need a new one, just check out the book.
In the BATTLE PROCESSING add your new villian. The name will be on the bottom of the list. Click it.
It will now say the name of your new enemy, you can fix up the battle however you want. Then click ok.
After you've done all this, test your game to see if it works. If not, ask me something on a discussion or something, or just talk to me & I'll help you.

Contributing Student: Aman B.