Add Members to your Party

1. First you go to the map you want the 'event' (To add members to your party) to occur on. Then go to the event layer as shown.
2. Double click on the tile where you would like the event to appear. Create an event using a person as the graphic. Click "OK" to save.
Graphic 2
3. Go to the database toll on the tool bar as shown in graphic 3
Graphic 3
4. Then click the actor button to go change the people in your party.
Graphic 4
5. Change maximum to plus one so you can add one person. Then change the actor graphic, battle graphic, give a weapon, a name, a class, and maybe even change the stats.
Graphic 5
6. You have created the person you wanted to add in your party. Now let's go back to that person event you created to make that person join you.

Part 1. create an event and click on the show text event in the the tab 1 section and type "do you want me to join you on your adventue?" or something along those lines that they will say.

Part 2: next, create a yes or no question event. When yes, look in tab 1 for change party member and choose the person you want to add. Then create another show text event that says that the person has joined you party. When no, just leave it blank or make it say okay or something to end the conversation.
Graphic 6
7. Now that you have created the person to join you, try a battle to see if it worked.
Graphic 7

Contributing Students: Chris B., Lydia D., General Nikolai H, Clair H.