How To Twist Tracks On NoLimits Demo

Step 1: Open "NoLimits Demo"

Step 2: Open the "inside-3D window" and the "Vertex Panel"

To open the "inside-3D windiw", click the "show inside-3D window" button in the toolbar. Also, press the "ride on caoster" button in the toolbar witch is 3 buttons right of the "show inside-3D window" button. It's a blue trake segment. This widow lets you ride your coaster useing the W and S keys.

To open the "Vertex Panel", double click on the first vertex. The dot on top of the purple arrow.
Step 3: Create A "lift" segment

First, click the "Add Vertex and Segment (to end)" button on the toolbar.

Second, click "Segment" in the toolbar, then click "Lift" in the menu the comes down.

Third, place the Lift segment and edit the position. To what I put in or to what you want.
X: horizontal
Y: hight
Z: vertical
Position: the end point of that segment
Control Point 1: the point before the end of the segment
Control Point 2: the point after the end of the segment.
add_vertex_and_segment.png segment-lift.png
Step 4: Create two "Track" segments and add roll.

First, click the "Right View" button in the toolbar.

Second, Second, click "Segment" in the toolbar, then click "Track" in the menu the comes down. Just like you did in Step 3.

Third, place two Track segments and edit their positions. This time you have to also edit the roll of the track. You do this by adding a value for "Roll:". You also want to check the "Relative Rolling" and "Continuous Rolling" boxes foa smother twisting in the track. I rolled my track 270 on both segments.

Step 5: Make your track smother.

First, highlight only the track segments (the blue segments).

Second, press Ctrl G.

You are now done with twisting your track. From here you can keep on makeng your
By: Alex B.